My Talking Ben is a app set to be released in October 5, 2017. It will be about you taking care of Ben, Not much is known about it, But it is confirmed that Ben will take photos of mythical creatures and cryptids to prove they exist, Similar to how Hank takes photos of animals in My Talking Hank.

Possible features Edit

You taking care of Ben

Over 900 mythical creatures to Ben take photos of

100 foods to Ben eat

A drinking potion to Ben stop sleeping

Ben sleeping

Ben going to the bathroom and getting clean

Small, medium and big toys to attract creatures like in My Talking Hank

Possible new features Edit

A labrotory to Ben make experiments

Confirmed easter eggs Edit

If you look closely when Ben gets punched in the face, One of the mythical creatures look at Ben behind the trees, Then run away when Ben wakes up.